Friday, May 31, 2013

Newsletter - June 2013 -
"Waiting For The Beautiful Summer" 


Are you ready for summer? We're sure you are!! Let's dust off the sun beds, volleyball gear, your favorite swimming suit and any other thing that you need for a perfect day on the beach. Of course you can't forget to pack the perfect picnic.  Our Roldan Olives are great for any occasion, ready to eat everywhere you are! :)

We love summer and how Vancouver changes with it. The city really starts to shine, showing off what it can offer with a list of great activities and concerts.

A new place that now is carrying our 2 varieties of Roldan olives is Quince.

1780 3rd Ave., Vancouver, B.C. Tel: 604 731 4645

Quince is a café, boutique shop and cooking school that has been supporting our products since we started in 2010, but now they're expanding our presence in their store with our 2 types of Spanish Olives, Roldan Olives: Aloreña D.O.P. and our Gordal stuffed with a pickle. They've been in this location since 2005. Go and enjoy their great coffee, fresh artisan breads, such as their baguette made with olive oil, handcrafted pastries or lunch, or pick up some dinner to go. They organize cooking classes for a minimum of 12 people, so it's a great option to experience a culinary adventure with family and friends. 

Our video recipe from Rouxbe for June is:

 "Caprese-Style Steak"

We've chosen these 2 videos, 1 recipe and 1 cooking course from Rouxbe Online Cooking School. Remember, click on the video recipe link below for your free 14 day trial of the Rouxbe Cooking School.
We love this recipe, your steak will taste absolute amazing using our family's Cazorliva EVOO and our Casanovas Barcelona salt with 5 peppers. Enjoy it! :)

Bon appetite!!!