Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Newsletter - August 2013 - "Vacationssssss!!!"

Newsletter - August 2013 -


We can not believe how spectacular the weather has been in Vancouver for the last weeks!!! We're sure that the majority of you have all the vacations planned but in case you have not find the perfect destination yet, no worries here some ideas for the perfect trip of a lifetime!

We'll love to go to Spain in Summer, it's our favorite time of the year, with amazing fresh tapas, hundreds of traditions, beautiful beaches,.... A paradise!!! One of the most famous traditions that we have at the end of the summer, August 28th, it's  called: "La Tomatina" it's a tomato war! haha. Tones of tomatoes are brought in big trucks for people through to each other just for fun!!!. Tomatoes are great for the skin and it's a tradition that is been held in Buñol, a Valencian little town, since 1945.

Before you go on vacations, we'd love to give you an update on the new places were you can find our products:

1650 Lonsdale Ave, V7M 2J3 Vancouver BC, Canada. Tel. 604 984 2226

We are sure that most of you know Loblaws supermarket chain, but for those that don't, this supermarket chain was established in 1919 in Toronto where within a decade, the Loblaw chain has grown to over 70 stores in Ontario alone. Around 1928 they expanded to New York State, Pennsylvania and Chicago and since then they haven't stop growing. It's a great supermarket where you can find all you need!!!! . In their new beautiful location located at Londsdale Ave., we can say that our favourite place is "the wall of cheese" a 12 feet tall wall full of over 300 varieties of cheese from around the world!!! That's heaven for us... A good piece of cheese over a nice piece of bread with our Cazorliva EVOO and few Roldan Olives!! Yummy, it is the perfect appetizer!!

4365 Blue Grouse Road, V9L 6M3, Duncan, B.C., Canada
Blue Grouse is a family-owned and operated vineyard and winery established as one of the founding Estates wineries of Vancouver Island. Since 1993, their elegant wood-panaled wine shop and tasting room has been welcoming visitors to taste and purchase the wines that have been grown and produced on this land. 31 Acres of vineyard is tucked away on the sunniest slope of Vancouver Island's Cowichan Valley. Their wines are hand-pruned, the grapes are hand-harvested , and the true and healthy varietal wines capture the essence of the vineyards's climate and soil. You can find our fantastic Roldan Olives and we're sure they'll be a fantastic fit to any of these amazing wines. 

Benny's Market- Italian Foods
598 Union St., Strathcona,  Vancouver, B.C. Tel: 604 254 2746

Benny's Market is a very popular corner store located in the heart of Strathcona where you can find all kind of different imported foods from Italy, Spain, Portugal along with local produce. Benny's Market it's been opened since 1917 and it's been very loyal to our products since Olives and Things was born. Until a week ago you could find our family EVOO Cazorliva and Casanovas Barcelona's salts, but now you can find our full line of products. They have introduced our Roldan Olives, Aloreña DOP and Gordal with Pickle, and our Antonio Sotos Saffron DOP, 1g in glass. Enjoy them!

Our video recipe from Rouxbe for August is:

 "Fresh Berry Tart"

We have to take advantage of all the fresh and organic berries that we can get at this time of the year and that's why we have chosen, from Rouxbe Oline Cooking school, "Fresh Berry tart". This is a tender pastry filled with smooth pastry cream and topped with fresh summer berries. An authentic delight!!!!
TIP: If you like the contrast of sweet and salty you can finish them up sprinkling them with our Casanovas Barcelona salt with wild berries. Yummy!! :)

 Remember, click on the video recipe link below for your free 14 day trial of the Rouxbe Cooking School.

Bon appetite!!!