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This extra virgin olive oil from Southern Spain is remarkably different from the banal, insipid “EVO blends” 
that typically line North American supermarket shelves. Produced by a cooperative of ten independent growers,
Cazorliva is cold-pressed from one single variety of olive—the Picual—renowned for its robust, fruity taste and
its high oleic fatty-acid content. On average, Picuals contain 78-80% of the heart-healthy monounsaturated fat—
the highest of any variety of olive. They are also full of crucial disease fighting antioxidants that can help ward off
cancer, fight inflammation and keep our arteries free flowing. My introduction to Cazorliva and the merits of the
Picual olive came through a happenstance meeting with Diana Hildago, a young Spanish woman, who, after 
relocating to Vancouver, began yearning for the pure authentic oils of her homeland. That yearning was the impetus
to begin importing Cazorliva into Canada—a move this nutritionist and olive oil devotee is delighted she took.

Health benefits aside, Cazorliva’s assertive flavour doesn’t disappoint. It has a strong fruity taste with hints of 
woody notes and a pleasant peppery finish. Furthermore, it produces that slight “tingle” at the back of the throat
 that is the hallmark of a pure, high quality EVO abundant in antioxidants. There’s more good news—the oil is  
reasonably priced (I paid $8 for the 250ml container)—making it the perfect EVO for daily use.

My only point of contention with this oil is the packaging. It comes available in a clear glass bottle (500ml), or in 
a tin container replete with an awkwardly placed spout that makes pouring a tad tricky. Hidalgo maintains the 
clear glass isn’t problematic—that the oil’s unusually high Vitamin E content protects it from any possible light 
exposure—but I prefer irrefutable protection; thus I opted for the tin container. Thankfully, I’m slowly getting 
adept at working that tricky spout!
— Pam Durkin

Vancouver locations include Whole FoodsSPUD and Meinhardt’s Fine Foods.
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