Saturday, August 31, 2013

Newsletter - September 2013 -
"Happy Labour Day!!" 


It feels like summer is almost over, and we hope you had the opportunity to go on vacations and get as much sun as you can, but we have our fingers crossed and we hope we can get more sunny days in September. Don't get upset thinking in the upcoming Autumn though, NOT YET,  this long weekend is full of great activities to do the weather forecast looks pretty warm!!  :) So pack your picnic basket with goodies and get out to enjoy this long weekend. 

Happy Labour day to all of you!! Have fun!!

If you haven't think in any plan yet, Here are some great ideas for your long weekend!! :)

But before you run to get ready, we'd love to share with you a new location where you can find our products:

Donald's Market at #130-810 Quayside Drive, New Westminster, B.C., V3M 6B9 - Tel.: 604 525 3331
Donald’s Market has been serving the Sunrise neighbourhood since 1986. The store has evolved from mostly produce with a small selection of essential grocery to the wide selection they have today. They carry just about everything you need to run your household, including food, drinks, personal care products, cleaning supplies, kitchen tools, pet supplies, and more. They carry both conventional and organic products. They have 2 locations in Vancouver, but in 2010 River Market was opened. So we're glad our Roldan Olives are available in this great store. Go and check them out!

Our video recipe from Rouxbe for September is:

 "Garlic - Prosciutto baked brussel sprouts"

Now that brussel sprouts start their season, we have chosen this easy but very yummy recipe to cook in September. This brussel sprouts coated in silky garlic and prosciutto mornay sauce dish will be the perfect dish for any friends or family reunion. Let's get started! 
**Remember, click on the video recipe link below for your free 14 day trial of the Rouxbe Cooking School.

Bon appetite!!!

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